Ken Lutes Writer

Ghostwriting. Ever wanted to write your life story (or a just a piece of it)?

If you’d like to learn more about the ghostwriting process, and how I can help you to transform your personal story into an emotionally compelling read, email me at

Short Stories, Novels. One of my short stories, “We Ran,” can be found in the Poetry and Prose section of AvanthumPress. I have written ten other short stories.

I’ve begun a novel of historical fiction that takes place mainly in 1865 Colorado, at the end of the Civil War. Here’s a summary:

In the spring of 1865, with victory by the Union Army having been ceded by the Confederacy, twenty-one year old Angelica Langford, daughter of a prominent Washington City physician, returns home from training at Florence Nightingale’s school of nursing in London.  After witnessing the assassination of President Lincoln at Ford’s Theatre, Angelica is lured to the west, against her father’s wishes, by an offer from her older brother, a physician in Denver City. In this booming hub of commerce for miners seeking their fortune in the Colorado Rockies, emotions peak when Angelica falls in love with a gentleman from the South.  A grave misfortune and a fall from grace cause her to leave Denver for the mountain mining town of Buckskin Joe, where she changes her occupation and her name–to Silverheels. When Silverheels learns the killer of Lincoln still survives, the confluence of passion, conspiracy, and a small pox epidemic serve to bind Silverheels to an electrifying quest for justice.


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