Teaching Guitar

TEACHER, PERFORMER : Phone:  720-232-5878     Email:  kenlutes47@me.com

DevilsThumb-Ken Only-WebLearning guitar is confidence building.  Not only do you learn to play an instrument, you come to understand that you can do anything you set your mind to.

I began teaching guitar when I was 23.  By then, I had been performing and writing songs for 9 years.

Performing with several folk duos and trios, I played rhythm guitar and sang in the country-rock band Tanglewood, and I fronted The Echo Band, an original-music group.  Since 2004, I have played rhythm guitar in Paris Swing Set, a Gypsy Jazz trio specializing in the swing music of Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grappelli.


Go GuitarThe GO Guitar book, developed by professional music educators, is for beginning kids and adults alike.  It requires no note-reading and I will have you strumming and playing chords practically as soon as you place the guitar in your lap.  (By the way, I sing the songs on the two GO Guitar CDs.)

guitar_bannerIntermediate-level students may benefit from GO Guitar, but I also use tailor-made lesson plans developed for my Ken Lutes Guitar Method. Students are taught advanced rhythms and chord shapes as well as finger-picking styles in the tradition of performers such as Paul Simon or James Taylor. By combining a variety of chording, finger-picking and strumming techniques, you will develop your own unique style.


Private Lessons (Weekly):

30 minutes    :   $130.00  (4 weeks)

Guitar Rentals  :  Rent – To – Buy arrangements begin at $20/mo**


** Guitars are rented only to students actively taking lessons from Ken Lutes or an associate.

Schedule a Lesson  :  Phone:  720-232-5878   or   Email:  kenlutes47@me.com


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