About Security Bound

This blog is moving in a different direction.  The focus is now on my book, Security Bound, a memoir spanning the time from my childhood through high school graduation. I’m working on the second draft and hope to complete this revision by the end of summer.

“A boy uses music to overcome an abusive home life and the death of his mother.  High school graduation finally comes at a cost, with the promise of a songwriting future.”

The story is written from the protagonist’s point of view, third-person, limited.  Within the story, I’ve pretty much resisted reflections from me as an adult.  I’m just telling the story from my kid perspective.  Reflections and comments do exist and reside in the last chapter, “End Thoughts.”  Over the next few months, I will post these reflections and others, along with pertinent story excerpts. 

The book title, Security Bound, is taken from a song I wrote when I was seventeen.


About Ken Lutes

Ken Lutes brings his background in memoir and fiction writing to his work at the North Denver Tribune (northdenvertribune.com). He enjoys interviewing his neighbors in Northwest Denver, where he has lived since 1999. After hours you will find him playing hot gypsy guitar with the Paris Swing Set band.
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3 Responses to About Security Bound

  1. luministblog says:

    I look forward to reading your thoughts as you make this journey.

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